Parish Priests
 1704Fr Brian Kiernan 

 Parish Priest of Kilmore and Drumcree. Resided at Tullymore. Born 1660. Ordained 1684 at Seville, Spain by Most Rev. Ambrose Spinola,  Bishop and Abbot.

 1712 Fr McCann  
 1744 Fr Hughes 
 1761  Fr O’Hanlon 
 1766 Fr Paul Tally He was secretary to Archbishop Hugh McMahon for some time. Lived in the townland of Corbracky. Pastorate of five years. It is said that his death was a result of a churn-staff inflicted by a man called Watson. Interred in Loughgall.
  Fr Madden For a short period and then transferred to another Parish.
 1775 Fr Carroll Temporarily connected with this Parish as administrator.
 1777 Fr Richard Devin About this date, the chapel of Drumcree was built.
 1795 Fr Drumgoole Resided at Baltilum. His house was attacked by the “Wreckers”. Said to have saved the life of one of the “wreckers” from defenders within doors.
 1803 Fr John Coyne Died in this year aged 44 years. Tablet in Drumcree records his epitaph. His body was interred in the east end of the chapel.
 1808 Fr Kelly 
  Rev. Friar McConville Later transferred to the Parish of Donaghmore.
 1815 Fr Michael Coyne Died 18 February aged 48 years. He was a Dominican.
  Fr Francis Lappin A native of Cohara. Resided in Kilmagamish; transferred to Tynan. Died there in 1833.
 1822 Rev. Friar Quinn Popularly known by the sobriquet ‘Zosimus’. Resided on the Armagh Road near Ripley’s Corner.
 1831 - 46 Fr James O’Neill The nave of St Patrick’s Church, Portadown, was built during his pastorate. Church opened 17 March 1835.
 1846 Fr Eugene Crolly Was appointed Administrator. When about 15 years Parish Priest he became non compos mentis. He lived for about 18 years with his brother Lissan and died 9 March 1881.
 1863 - 72 Fr James Hughes Administrator. His health failing, he retired to his friends in Magherafelt and died about the 12 March 1879.
 1872 - 1907 Fr Laurence Byrne Who was first Parish Priest of Coagh, became Administrator. Appointed Parish Priest of Portadown 14th April 1881. Canon’s Brae, a hill on the road in Selsion named after him. Died 6 March.
 1907  Canon McOscar Was appointed to Portadown but died 10 June 1907 before taking possession.
 1907 - 21 Fr James Grimes Parish Priest of Beragh, appointed to succeed Canon Byrne. Canon Grimes died 1 June 1921.
 1921 - 37 Fr Thomas MacDonald Fr Thomas MacDonald. Appointed June 1921. Appointed Dean and Parish Priest of Dungannon and Vicar General 6 February 1937.
 1937 - 38 Fr Arthur Toner Canon Toner died in St. Anthony’s Hospital Cheam, Surrey, England, where he had gone in November 1937. Funeral, Monday 24 February 1938.
 1938 - 55 Fr Peter McNelis Kildress, appointed Parish Priest 16 March 1938. Died in Dublin 12 February 1955.
 1955 - 71 Fr Eugene P. Rice Parish Priest Cooley, appointed to Drumcree. Became Parish Priest of Donaghmore September 1971.
 1971 - 78 Fr Francis MacLarnon Appointed Parish Priest of Drumcree September 1971. Appointed Dean and Parish Priest of Dungannon and Vicar General, October 1978.
 1978 - 96 Fr Patrick J. Early Appointed Parish Priest, Drumcree October 1978. Canon Patrick J. Early died in 2003.
 1996 - 2005 Fr Sean Larkin Appointed Parish Priest of Drumcree in 1996. Appointed Parish Priest of Bessbrook in February 2005.
 2005 - 2015

 Fr Michael O'Dwyer 

 Previously Parish Priest of Forkhill Appointed as Parish Priest of Drumcree in February 2005. Appointed Parish Priest of Errigal Ciaran Parish in August 2015
 2015 - 2022 Fr Michael Toner

 Previously Parish Priest of Eglish from 2012. Appointed Parish Priest of Drumcree in August 2015. Appointed PP of Lower Creggan (Cullyhanna)

 2022 Fr Michael Sheehan Previously Administrator of Holy Redeemer Parish, Dundalk. Appointed PP of Drumcree and ADM of Kilmore in August 2022. Installed PP/ADM on Saturday 17th September.