Close of the Year of Mercy

See Archbishop Eamon Martin's message for the close of the Jubilee Year of Mercy on 20th November below:

Dear brothers and sisters, 

As the Jubilee Year of Mercy draws to a close on 20 November, I invite you and your families to join me in a Novena for Mercy in the Family, beginning at 6.00 pm on the evening of Friday 11th November and ending at 6.00 pm on Sunday 20th November

Please gather whoever is at home on each of the nine evenings shortly after six for just a few moments and pray this short prayer together:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Holy Family of Nazareth, bless our family.
Keep anger and violence far from our door.
May our home be a place of love, mercy and forgiveness.

Share our moments of happiness with us.
Whenever things are difficult, help us to overcome together the problems that come our way.
Be with families in Ireland and around the world who are homeless or suffering.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph come into our home and our hearts and stay with us always.

If you have Holy Water at home, ask each person present to make a Sign of the Cross on their forehead and pray for any special family intentions you might have. (You can get Holy Water at your local Church). 

Finish by saying the Our Father together.

You are welcome to visit the Holy Door at the Cathedral in Armagh or at St Peter's Drogheda before the end of the Jubilee Year on 20th November. Please also consider coming as a family to Confession some time before Christmas. 

Archbishop Eamon