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Ara Coeli,

7 January 2011

Re: Swine Flu

I write concerning the Swine Flu threat which has reappeared. I wish to draw your attention to the Swine Flu Protocol on the diocesan website.

The Archdiocese of Armagh recommends the following:

1. Those who have the flu or flu symptoms are requested not to attend Mass or other Church ceremonies.

2. The handshake is to be discontinued as a means of offering the sign of peace. An appropriate alternative, e.g. a moment of silence, may be introduced.

3. Sharing one chalice by concelebrating priests and Ministers of the Eucharist is to be discontinued. A possible alternative is intinction from a separate chalice.

4. Clergy and Ministers of the Eucharist are required to wash their hands before and after distributing communion.

5. It is highly recommended that receiving communion on the tongue be replaced by reception on the hand.

        With good wishes,

            Yours sincerely,

                Sean Card. Brady

                Archbishop of Armagh

For further information visit the Armagh Archdiocese website .