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St PatrickOn 17th March we celebrate in thanksgiving the National Apostle who brought the Christian faith to Ireland. The Solemnity is a Holy Day of Obligation and Catholics are required to attend Mass. The times of Holy Mass in the parish are as follows:


Friday 16th March (Vigil Mass)

7.00 pm – Church of St John the Baptist

Saturday 17th March

8.30 am – Church of St John the Baptist

10.00 am - Church of St Patrick

11.30 am – Church of St John the Baptist (as Gaeilge)

Téacs an Aifrinn do Shollúntas Phádraig Naofa / Text of the Mass in Irish

Having been captured and imprisoned by the Irish as a young man, St Patrick later returned to these shores as a missionary and brought the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to the people of Ireland. You can read more about the life of this important saint by clicking on the link below.

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