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On Sunday 14th January 2007 members of the parish community gathered in the Church of St. Patrick to bid farewell to Sr. Marie-Therese O’Malley. Incorporated into Benediction and Devotions were prayers of thanksgiving to God for the Christian witness and service provided over so many years in the parish by Sr. Marie-Therese. Prayers of intercession to Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters, were also said as was a prayer for the beatification of this Servant of God.

Devotions were very well attended and afterwards many members of the congregation made their way to the adjoining St. Vincent de Paul Rooms. Refreshments were served and appreciation is due to all who helped prepare the food and beverages. Fr. White then invited Sr. Marie-Therese to answer a few questions about the life she has dedicated to the service of God and His Church.

Sr. Marie-Therese recounted how she responded to her vocation at age 16, much to the delight of her mother who had been praying for such a decision. She revealed how she came to acquire the name Marie-Therese and described her reception into the Presentation Order. Sister then spoke of her many assignments and in particular how enjoyable she has found her many years in Portadown.

In fact Sr. Marie-Therese spent two periods in the parish. The first was a number of years in the 1970s when she taught at the then St. Brigid’s High School. Mrs McAtarsney – a student at the school in those years – recalled the kindness of her former teacher and her enthusiasm for transmitting a love of the Irish language.

Other guests shared their memories of friendship with Sr. Marie-Therese. Canon Tom McGonagle - retired rector of St. Mark’s Church of Ireland - paid warm tribute to a dear friend and his contribution bore testimony to Sr. Marie-Therese’s desire to reach out to other Christians. Mrs Kelly spoke of her immense gratitude to Sr. Marie-Therese in helping her to deepen her relationship with God.

Sr. Briege of the Presentation Sisters recalled the warm welcome her colleague extended to her upon joining the community in Portadown. She suggested that Sr. Marie-Therese embodied the Christian virtues that inspired Nano Nagle to establish the Order.

Finally, Mr Francis Hagan recalled Sr. Marie-Therese’s fond attachment to the Church of St. Patrick. Appropriately he presented her with a framed photograph of the Church sanctuary. No doubt the picture will occupy a prominent place in Sr. Marie-Therese’s new home at St. Joseph’s Convent in Tuam.

Sister has now left us to live at the Presentation Convent in Tuam, Co. Galway. She will be a little closer then to her native Co. Mayo. You can click here to read more about the convent.

We wish God’s blessing upon Sr. Marie-Therese and thank her for unstinting and dedicated service to the parish community of Drumcree.

Click here to view photographs of the event.