Advent Reflections 2023

Advent is a uniquely joyous and hopeful season in the Church where we again encounter God's mercy and tenderness. It can be a real challenge to find some peace and quiet during the exciting but busy preparation leading up to Christmas and the season of Advent can perhaps pass by largely unnoticed. 

As is now traditional and to help find a space in the rush, the Knights of St Columbanus invite you to join them in some prayerful reflection during the season. 

Why not come along to Mass at 7pm each Friday evening, in St John the Baptist Church, and then stay for 30 minutes of quiet reflection before the Blessed Sacrament where we will consider the Gospel readings during each of the Sundays of Advent? Please consider giving yourself an early Christmas present and we look forward to seeing you starting on Friday 1st December at 7pm.