Sunday Cuppa
As we approach Summer 2023, we now have the opportunity to celebrate the end of the emergency phase of the COVID 19 pandemic and to gather again with confidence as a community, both inside and outside our churches.  Although deeply painful and personal at times, as an entire parish we responded very wisely to the pandemic and took the proper precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.  We sincerely thank everyone for your understanding and compliance even when it was so very challenging. 

In celebrating our joy, the Catholic family in St John the Baptist and St Patrick’s are not just about Sunday worship, as central as that is.  We are a joyful community of friends, new and old, coming from all across the world, with Jesus as our friend, guide and leader.  With our fellow Catholics we belong to our Parish and we form one community of loving service to each other. 

To celebrate being together again and to renew and create friendships the Parish invites you to an outdoor cup of tea after the Sunday Masses listed below:
  1. Sunday 28th May after 10am Mass in St Patrick’s Church 
  2. Saturday 10th June after 7pm Vigil Mass outside St John the Baptist Church
  3. Sunday 11th June after the 8.30am and 11.30am Masses outside St John the Baptist Church
We invite everyone to stop for a few minutes after Mass and have a tea or coffee, to chat and enjoy the simple pleasure of each other’s company, something we longed for not so long ago. 

The tea and coffee arrangements are provided by the Knights of St Columbanus.

As a Parish we look forward to seeing you after Mass.