I would like to volunteer to serve in parish ministry, what can I do?

Lay people are needed to serve the Church as Lectors and as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. We are always anxious to recruit members for our choirs. Please consult the section on ‘Parish Team’ to discover contact details and more information.

I am a non-Catholic, how do I learn more about the Catholic faith?

The Church believes that it is the visible community established by Jesus Christ who entrusted it with spreading the Good News. This ensures that mission is at the heart of the Church’s activity and that encouraging people to become Catholic is of fundamental importance. Whatever your current knowledge of Catholicism you may find the following suggestions helpful in deepening your understanding:

  • Speak to a local priest about the faith.
  • Consult authoritative texts on the Church’s teaching. The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Compendium explain the core beliefs.
  • Watch some of the programming on EWTN (Channel 589) if you have the Sky satellite facility.
  • Refer to some of the teaching resources and periodicals that are mentioned in the ‘Links’ section of this website.
  • Attend Holy Mass to gain an understanding of how we believe as we pray (lex orandi, lex credendi).
  • Speak with lay Catholic friends who can explain how their Catholic faith influences their lives.

After becoming more informed you may want to journey further and ultimately into full communion with the Catholic Church. It is important to constantly ask God for guidance through prayer. The Holy Spirit will help you along the way. If you have resolved to become a Catholic you should meet with a priest to begin instruction. Often this will be in accordance with the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) programme.

Your formal reception into the Church will take different forms depending on your background. For example, you may be an un-baptized person or have been baptized in a Christian community whose rite is recognized by the Catholic Church. In any event, reception of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist will mark your full entry into both the local parish and a worldwide community of believers.