Christian Meditation Group

The Aim of this group is to enter into the Prayer of the Heart where we go beyond words, thoughts and images into the Presence within.

Membership Criteria - All are welcome, whether from a Religious Tradition or not.

Dates of Meetings - Every Monday Night in Drumcree Pastoral Centre at 8pm.

Structure of Meetings - The one hour Meeting includes an Opening Prayer, a short taped talk on Meditation by Fr John Main or Fr Laurence Freeman, 25 Minutes of Silent Meditation, followed by Quiet Music and a Closing Prayer.

Nature of Apostolic Work - Silent Prayer - "because meditation leads us into the experience of love at the centre of our being, it makes us in our ordinary lives and relationships more loving persons" (John Main)

Contact Details - Claire Donnelly - 028 3885 1147

                            Margaret Hagan - 028 3833 6960