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School5 Thomas Street,
BT62 3AH

Telephone: 028 38334965
Fax: 028 38361966
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Principal: Miss Yvonne Mulholland, Bed. (Hons), Msc. (Ed Management), PQH (NI).

Presentation Convent Primary School was founded in 1900 by the Presentation Sisters. It was renamed Presentation Primary School in 1994 when it was amalgamated with St. Columba’s Boys Primary School. While there are no longer any nuns among the teaching staff, the Catholic ethos continues to underpin the school’s educational mission. Our Christian values are at the core of a commitment to provide a happy and caring environment in which the potential of every child can be realised. The school experience promotes the dignity and worth of each individual. In this way the school is faithful to its motto: “Nurture the seed and it will grow.”
Our small but well-equipped school fosters a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It is one in which the dedicated teachers and ancillary staff work together to support each child in our care. In aiming to prepare children for the experiences and responsibilities of adult life the school focuses upon the spiritual, personal, cultural, social and academic development of each one.

To this end a broad and balanced curriculum is offered that includes the compulsory subject areas. Allied to this is a strong emphasis on religious education. The school is conscious of its role in complementing the Catholic home in the task of transmitting the faith and in producing mature citizens who can interact with and respect others in our community.

Presentation Primary has approximately 140 pupils enrolled. Just under half of the children are now drawn from ethnic minority backgrounds and include children from Latvia, Lithuania, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudia Arabia and South Africa.  The school has met the linguistic challenges involved by providing both Polish and Portuguese classroom assistants. We are proud of having so successfully integrated children from many varied cultural backgrounds. Effective collaboration with parents ensures that the rights and responsibilities of their children are understood and accommodated.

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