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Adoration GroupEucharistic adoration has been a feature of Parish life for many years with a total of 23 hours shared monthly, on separate days, between the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of St. Patrick.

It is currently organised by a co-ordinator working with a small team and is carried out on a half-hourly basis. The group also undertakes a three hour vigil ceremony on the Feast of the Sacred Heart as well as assuming responsibility for the meditative material used during these times. 


Dates/Venues of Meetings - At least once a year in preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart and as and when required. Usually detailed in the Parish Bulletin. 


Membership Criteria - Practicing  Catholic willing to devote a half hour or more of Adoration during the 1st Friday, Thursday and 2nd Sunday periods of adoration.




The co-ordinator can be contacted via the Parish office.