St. Joseph's Young Priests Society

St. JosephThe Society comprises committed lay people who foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life. It was founded in Ireland by Mrs Olivia Mary Taaffe in 1895 and a branch was established in Drumcree Parish in October 1985.
The Legion of Mary

Legion“Yours is an eminently Marian spirituality, not only because the Legion glories in carrying Mary’s name as its unfurled banner, but above all because it bases its methods of spirituality and apostolate on the dynamic principle of union with Mary, on the truth of the intimate participation of the Virgin Mary in the plan of salvation. In other words you intend to render your service to every person, who is the image of Christ, with the spirit and the solicitude of Mary.”
(Pope John Paul II – Address to Italian Legionaries, 30th October 1982)
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