SHYNE Youth Group

SHYNE is a group of young people aged 14 plus who are keen to develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on their community whilst deepening their faith.


Group Aims - We are a Christian Youth Group. Our aim is to deepen our faith, provide a positive image of young people and using our God given talents bring the light of Christ to others and show that it still shines today. We want to provide an alternative medium for young people seeking a connection to God, while also enhancing the beliefs of all parishioners, through prayer, reflection, discussion and activities.


Membership Criteria - Young person aged 14+


Dates/Venues of Meetings - Fortnightly Meetings in Drumcree Parish Pastoral Centre (Behind Church of St John the Baptist)


Structure of Meetings - Meetings usually last for around 2 hours and are usually based on a Theme to do with Faith.


Parish Work - The Shyne group have a number of events that they organise in the Parish, including:

  • Faith Development for themselves;
  • The GIFT Programme for Confirmation Children
  • Singing at Christmas Day Mass
  • Performing the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday
  • Pope John Paul II & Muiredach Cross Awards


With the help of ADYC, the group also attend World Youth Day events and other Pilgrimages for young people.


Contact - Fr Toner or Fr Sheehan