Jesuit Community at Iona

Society of JesusFr Brian MacCuarta S.J. is spending a sabbatical year of study in the U.S.A. We thank him for his work among the parishioners of Drumcree and wish him well in his teaching and research. Fr MacCuarta communicated the following message:


Dear Parishioners,

Thank you for your support over my years in Portadown. Your faith and devotion to Mass have been part of my faith journey. I now have the opportunity to spend more time at teaching and research. I invite you to pray for Jesuit vocations, especially for the three men from Ireland who are at the start of their training in Birmingham. God bless!

Brian MacCuarta S.J.

We welcome Fr Brendan McPartlin S.J. who has now joined the Jesuit community in the parish of Drumcree.