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Evangelium is the Latin word meaning ‘gospel’ or ‘good news’. It is the title of a course on Catholic Faith and life for adults which is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Who is the course for?
Any adult who wishes to learn more about the Faith. It is an opportunity to gather together and explore the ‘mystery of Christ’ who is the ‘Way, the Truth and the Life’. No prior knowledge or formal study is required.

What does it consist of?
The remaining 12 modules cover the following topics: 'Baptism and Confirmation'; 'Grace and the Beatitudes'; 'The Eucharist'; 'Praying the Mass'; 'Virtues and Vices'; 'Confession and Anointing'; 'The Practice of Confession'; 'Scripture and Tradition'; 'Marriage and Holy Orders'; 'Christian Life in the World'; 'Catholic Devotions'; 'Mary and the Four Last Things'. Each module can stand alone but maximum benefit will be derived from attending all the modules.                                                    

How is a module structured?
The presenter will guide participants through the module topic using PowerPoint slides projected on to a large screen. Presentations last around 50 minutes with some additional time for reflection and/or discussion.

What resources do I need?

You will receive a ‘Participant’s book’ at the start of each module. This text reinforces the PowerPoint material. You may also find it useful to bring along copies of the Catechism, the Bible and the recently published Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church if you have them.

Do I have to register?

There is no registration or course fee. Conversely the programme does not confer any formal qualification. Your only expense would be in choosing to buy the Compendium or another optional resource.

How advanced is the content?
The course can only touch upon the basic elements of the Faith. References will be made to sections in the Catechism and other texts thereby allowing people to study further in their own time if they wish.

When do the modules take place?

Every Friday at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Church of St John the Baptist in Portadown. The first module takes place on Friday 25th September.

Who presents the modules?

The materials have been produced by the Catholic Truth Society (CTS). The Knights of St Columbanus have agreed to facilitate the programme. The course has the support of the priests of the parish.

What can I do?
Consider attending. Don't worry if you missed the previous modules. Each module deals with a separate topic so you won't be disadvantaged. If you can’t come along, why not mention the course to a family member or friend? The programme is open to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

More information?
Visit the website at www.evangelium.co.uk . See parish bulletin insertions for the dates of future modules.