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“Paul, a former violent persecutor of Christians, when he fell to the ground dazzled by the divine light on the road to Damascus, did not hesitate to change sides to the Crucified One and followed him without second thoughts. He lived and worked for Christ, for him he suffered and died. How timely his example is today!"
(Excerpt from Homily of Pope Benedict XVI at First Vespers for the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, 2007)

'St Paul' by El Greco Having announced in 2007 that the Church would celebrate a special Jubilee Year dedicated to St Paul, the Holy Father officially opened the Pauline Year at First Vespers for the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul on Saturday 28th June 2008. The Year of St Paul has been initiated to mark the bi-millennium of the birth of this Apostle of the Nations. The Jubilee Year will end on 29th June 2009.

These 12 months offer an opportunity for the faithful to deepen their familiarity with the writings and teachings of a man who, after his conversion, became a zealous witness for the faith and suffered martyrdom for it. The Church has also emphasized that the Pauline Year incorporates an important ecumenical dimension. Pope Benedict XVI has granted a Plenary Indulgence to coincide with the Year and it is available to the faithful who fulfill the prescribed conditions.

The Parish of Drumcree ushered in the Year of St Paul with a special Triduum of Reflection from 26th to 28th June. Speakers focused attention on different aspects of the Apostle’s writings which we find in Sacred Scripture. The Parish is making available CTS resources such as the ‘Letters of Paul’ to encourage parishioners to study his writings. Please peruse the CTS Book Stands for materials connected with the Year of St Paul.

Below you will find links to a number of useful internet resources related to St Paul and this special Jubilee Year.


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