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My Daily RosaryThe Armagh Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Group in conjunction with the Armagh Diocesan Youth Council have produced an audio CD entitled ‘My Daily Rosary’. This 5 track compilation features young people reciting all four sets of mysteries of the Holy Rosary. This great Marian devotion has long been a popular form of prayer with individuals and families. It is hoped that this recording will assist in promoting the Rosary more widely and make the practice safe, spiritual and rewarding.

Individual CDs are available to purchase in the sacristies of the Parish Churches priced £3 each.


Track 1: A short recorded introduction.
Track 2: The full Rosary using the Joyful Mysteries (recited on Monday & Saturday).
Track 3: The full Rosary using the Sorrowful Mysteries (recited on Tuesday & Friday).
Track 4: The full Rosary using the Mysteries of Light (recited on Thursday).
Track 5: The full Rosary using the Glorious Mysteries (recited on Wednesday & Sunday).


•    Praying the Rosary are Kevin, Michael, Orla, Pierce, Shirley and Rachel.
•    Harp and Music by Mrs Helene Murtagh
•    Recorded, edited and directed by Mr Owen Smith