Feast of All Souls 2020
(Those who die go no further from us than to God and God is very near)

Our annual Mass commemorating those who have died in the past year will take place on Monday 2nd November next.

Given the large number of deaths in the parish these past twelve months, coupled with the social-distancing restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19, two Memorial Masses will be celebrated in St John the Baptist Church on Monday 2 November next at 6pm and 8pm.

Families of those who have died in the past year have already been informed of the details of these Masses. 

Parishioners are advised not to attend either of these Memorial Masses unless they are related to the deceased.

Those family members attending either of these Memorial Masses are asked: 
• to wear facemasks, 
• observe social-distancing, 
• sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the Church,
• follow the directions of ushers at all times,
• avoid gathering in the Church carpark afterwards.